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"SOS Poll : Bring Back the Whedonverse

From - 2005-03-1st

It’s that time of year again. Kristen over at E! Online is having her annual "Save Our Show" campaign where you can vote to save a show that is in danger of cancellation.

Since "Angel" overwhelmed the competition last year, wouldn’t it be a fitting tribute if the ’Verse got an mention in this year’s tally to demonstrate that fans will Not Fade Away?

Here’s all you have to do:

Send an email to Kristen at

Subject: SOS Poll: Bring Back the Whedonverse

Body: Mention how much you miss "Angel" and mention whatever Whedonverse characters you would like to see in a TV Movie or Spin-Off.

Please honor the Whedonverse with your vote. Of course, if there’s a show on Kristen’s list you really want to save, by all means vote for that show. Our goal is simply to get enough fans to send emails so that Kristen will mention it in her column on March 12 when she announces the winner of the SOS Poll.

Thanks for your Support!"

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