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Its been ages (x-posted)

check check it, its something to do.

In the comments, write a little scene type thingy. About how, in an ideal or impossible or humorous world, you would do one of the following:

Kiss your ideal man/woman/animal for the first time...or something along those lines.
Tell them you love 'em, if you're a hopeless romantic. Or just really, really like them.
End up going out with them.

You don't even have to specify gender. But its fun reading things like this. So...pretty please?

Alsos....post it to your journal, if you find yourself bored, and then link back to this entry, and there can be many comments. You know you want to.
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X is at X's locker at the end of the day, slowly getting X's stuff out, when I sneak up on approach X from behind. I slide my hand onto X's back, X turns around, smiles, and then hugs me. Then we pull apart, and I kiss X, who proceeds to say "whoa..." and then smile and kiss me back.

The end.
yay! very cute and simple. I was hoping nobody would end up parachuting in to save their love from any dragons, because, comeon.